John Lennon – Sunday Bloody Sunday

On the same issue. This time from John Lennon. Oh, the issue on Yoko’s voice on the thread!

Wiki: The song is, alongside The Luck of the Irish , one of two (songs) Some Time in New York City inspired by the Bloody Sunday , an incident in Derry January 30, 1972, when twenty-six unarmed citizens were affected by ‘ British Army with shots of firearms, and fourteen of them perished. The album was finished recording less than a month and a half after the event: in fact, this song is the last chronologically composed for the double LP, and was written immediately after the news. Even The Luck of the Irish speak of what happened, but it had been made at the end of 1971 and Lennon added some verses on the massacre.

The memorial of the victims of Bloody Sunday in Derry

In the text, the protagonist is an Irish, spokesman for the Republican cause, although neither John nor Yoko had never lived in Ireland , and, at the time of the riots, had already moved to New York from London , but the first, as well as Paul McCartney , has ancient origins from the island to the west of Great Britain . Equally, the guitarist said to feel very attached to the place because it spent there a sort of second honeymoon. While, in 1968, with Revolution and Revolution 1 , had expressed his uncertainty about the use of violence , already three years after he had considered (it) wrong, as expressed by the lyrics of (sic) the first single Power to the People of 1971; in September of that year, the former Beatle it clearly stated in an interview, when it already had begun the moderate clashes in Ireland; occasion, declared himself on the side of ‘ IRA saying that if he had to choose between violence and non-violence , he chose the latter, but if two people were fighting, too anyone who chose to support.

(Badly written Wiki article)


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